How I became a French Tutor.

Bonjour, comment allez-vous!

When I start tutoring French, it wasn’t really a choice. I was working as a French Teacher in a French school. My class had only 4 students, after the first month working there, parents liked my techniques and I end up with 16 young children in my class, ages 4, 5, and 6 years of age. I taught everything in French language. Math, Writing, Reading, Sport, Cooking, Geography and Art. It was challenging but I enjoyed it.

Suddenly, the school decided to close having financial hardship and in one week, I end up jobless. I quickly regroup and with the help of parents, I found a place to continue teaching.

Unfortunately, my monthly lease was unaffordable. Students keep signing up, my space was too small and the person who rented me the room to teach decided that she wanted more money. I also was limited to teach only one age group. At this moment, I decided that tutoring will be better.

So, I close down, and decided to become a private French tutor. I did drive to my clients and I did one on one tutoring and small group lessons. I grew pretty fast. My hourly fee were affordable. My client were kind and often referred me. I could make my own hours and the most important things for me is that I was able to help students from different high schools such as Viewpoint high, Malibu high, Agoura High, Pacific Palisades High, Westlake High, Westlake Harvard High, Marlborough High, Chaminade High, Campbell High, Crespi High, Louisville High. Oaks Christian High to name a few.

Therefore, I became extremely knowledgeable on school French programs and teachers expectations. I taught children age 4 up, and I had a lots of students ages 15, 16,17,18.

I enjoy teaching French!