French Courses with Apex Learning Online

Learning French Online: Apex Learning On Line have a French I and French II program. The lessons are well designed. I have helped many students over the years to complete these programs. I tutor high school students who chose French I-II, that prefer distance learning using zoom.

My advice: As a French teacher I will recommend this educational school to study the language. I would suggest that you take time to do flashcards for all vocabulary.¬† You should also write down the grammar rules in a few sentences. This, will help you to remember it later on. French grammar can be confusing. If you feel that these lessons are too hard, don’t give up!

You can contact me, I developed a technique, called the Marianne’s Method that will facilitate your learning process. I will guide you to achieve an A in the class. You can read about my method, if you go to my website which is Learn French I usually see my students once a week for an hour, but if you want to complete your course faster, I am available twice a week.

Occasionally, I have students that want to complete the course in three months. In that case I’ll see them three times a week. But you’ll have to spend more time doing your homework, which includes: learning your verbs, your vocabulary and understand the grammar structure .

This is by far the easiest French courses that I have seen online. Apex Learning Online is accredited. Once you finish your French course, you’ll get your final grades. Don’t forget to print and keep your transcript. When you apply to colleges, you will join it separately with your other documents. If you follow these steps, I can assure you that you will enjoy learning French. You’ll be able to speak the French language while traveling in France or any other French speaking countries.