Testimonials And Opinions

What People Say

“Mademoiselle Milder, taught me French, I can actually speak the language. I improved my grades in two weeks. Merci Marianne.”

French Student

“My entire family learned French with Marianne. We moved to Switzerland, the French speaking part, Geneva. Merci beaucoup!”


“I started learning French when I was ten years old with Mademoiselle Milder, I was able to move to French III in high school, I skip French I and II. Merci!”

French language student

“I am a young actress, I had to take French I on line, with Marianne. We used Apex I, it was easy and fun. I remained on line and still learning with this wonderful teacher.”

J'aime parler francais.

“I am a well know male actor, I had to learn many lines in French for an upcoming movie. Working with Marianne was a delight! Merci!”