French Tutoring with Marianne M

Today, I would like to talk to you about another great French Program that Laurel Springs School On Line provides.

Over the years, I had a lots of students who asked me to help them with French I, II, III AP Laurel Springs. This school is on line and they offer an amazing French program. Although, a lots of high schoolers prefer Apex On line which is by far the easiest and it’s accredited.

Apex School On Line only offers French I and II. So, you will have to transfer to another school if you want to continue learning French. I suggest that you sign up with Laurel Springs since they offer French III, AP.

However, be ready to spend a lots of time on this program, It’s well designed but, with a lots of quizzes for the vocabulary and the grammar. there’s also stories to read for comprehension with quizzes. They are pretty long so it’s very important that you learn your vocabulary before taking French III. Make sure you know your grammar as well from French I and II. That will speed up the process.

The test for the Unit are also pretty lengthy. In spite of the dense information, the program is very good and colleges know as well that Laurel Springs is a difficult school so, it will give you some extra points when applying for colleges.

When students ask me for help. I usually emphasized that it’s best to meet twice a week for one hour and I do give them some work to do on their own at home to finish this program on time.

I am familiar with this school, so, if you are taking French on line, don’t hesitate to contact me. My goal is to make the process of learning enjoyable.