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Low wages are affecting the full population and our children.

We absolutely need big companies to step up and be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

The minimum wages in cities where one bedroom apartment are 2000 monthly should be at least $20 hourly. Big companies all around the world are making billions, while employees are not able to afford food, gasoline, clothing and housing. They go to work unhappy, they don’t smile, they sometimes take two jobs to make ends meet, mistreated, sad, tired, underpaid they often give up on their dreams.

These are moms, dads, teens. They turn to drugs, alcohol, self-medicate to lift the burden of life. homelessness has rise, crimes has rise.

But there is a solution, raising the minimum wages at least $20 hourly. People could afford housing, have one job, be less tired and actually enjoy working. Our children would have a more positive outlook on life. They actually will dream again about being out of their parents house, have their own apartment and girlfriend or boyfriend, even a dog or a cat. They will be more enthusiastic about studying and reaching their career goal.

Mental health cases, crimes, homelessness, sickness would decline. A better world would appeared. So, all your companies out there, step up and save the people. Without them you do not exist. Which company would take the first step and lead the other? TJ Maxx, Ralphs, Amazon, Costco? who knows! but for sure, once this company comes to the light, it’ll be regarded with such appreciation that they will double, triple their incomes. Because people will stand, shop, work  for theses companies.

For all managers and bosses out there! be a leader not a dictator! Your employees are gold, treat them with respect!