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Discipline in your French Class

Discipline stand for enforcing rules, obedience and self control. But really the word as Latin roots: disciplina which stands for a positive thing resulting in mental and moral improvement.

Discipline rules should be included in your lesson plan. It’s important that students understand clearly how to act and behave in your class. Talk with them about the expectations in the classroom. Encourage them to participate in making a rule chart. they can tell you what they thing is acceptable or not in the class setting. Do this on your first day. This will discourage bad behaviors in the future and you can always use the chart as a reference. You should also have fewer questions while teaching and less repeating which will allows you to not be interrupted, that way you will be able to concentrate fully on your lesson.

Some of the rules may includes: No moving around while the professor speaks. No use of the phone in class, No chatting which is disrespectful to the teacher and to other students who tries to study. Do not eat or drink in class. Don’t arrive late. Do your homework. Do not tease other students. Be kind and helpful. Pay attention. Raise your hand if you have a question These are examples, and again discuss it with your students, you’ll be amazed about what they come up with.

Once the rules of discipline are established and written down, put them against the wall in the front of the class so they can see it. Work with rewards, certificates for good behaviors. Be fair, be consistent on your teaching methods and keep control of your lesson. Avoid confrontation, sarcasm but use humor, redirect bad behaviors, encourage participation, never lose your temper and keep calm. Remember that bad behaviors is often due to boredom or a lack of understanding. keep your lesson simple!