Impact in our children, the new generation 2022.

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A lots of company created a logo that implies that they stand behind Welcoming new employee, Value, Integrity, Engagement and Respect.

Are they really following this procedure? or is it just to make the business look good. Actions speaks louder than words. In California where rent, housing prices has spike to a all time high why are huge companies still offering a low wages of $15 hourly? Will that be enough to pay your mortgage or your rent? your food ? your entertainment? your car and gas?

The answer is simple. No. You basically will have to have two jobs. This will affect your health physically and mentally. Now lets have a look at what they are really offering. They should offer snacks for free and food served to their employees. Companies have yet to offer foods for their employees but a discount. Do they offer compensation for gas? No. To start with, in your budget you have to deduct gas, food so your two first hours on the job is basically to cover that.

Let’s look at medical benefits. Are they offering full coverage after 3 months. NO. Most of companies will have you work a huge amount of hours before getting any medical benefits, so don’t get sick for at least a year. Lol.

What about if y0u want to take some vacations or time off, let’s say after 6 months. In some countries, companies offer to start at 3 weeks paid vacation within a year with full medical benefits. But, most of  big companies in California, do not offer anything close to that. Let’s go further next time but this is a first look at big corporations in California. Schools, Stores….Let’s go deeper and see the effect on young students, our children living in California the perception that they have when watching their parents working hard and having financial problem. Let’s find a solution, where companies, employees and the new generation can profit.