Teaching French to young learners

Teaching French to young learners can be challenging. But if you follow these easy techniques, you won’t be overwhelmed.

When you have children ages 4, 5 and 6 years old in your classroom, It’s very important to keep them engaged. Remember, that their attention span is short, so you want to create new activities every 15 minutes. If you’re doing games such as cards games make sure that it goes pretty fast. You don’t want to make them wait their turn for a long time or they will wonder around or complained.

If you make them stand up and sing, first, let them extend their arms to make sure that they have sufficient space. They shouldn’t be able to touch their classmates. That way, you can sing and make movements and let them follow you. They can express themselves freely and not hit their friends and start crying or fighting.

If they are coloring, allow them to have more time, up to 30 minutes, make sure that they have enough coloring pencils. You do want them to learn how to share but you also want them to be able to concentrate on their art, without waiting too long for a coloring pencil. During this activities, you can play some French songs.

If they are learning French words, teach them gesture with the words. For instance: Bonjour!  they can act like they are shaking hand or Au revoir! they can waive. The key is to make sure they are active.

Finally, if you are reading a story in French, I will suggest that you translate either English to French/ French to English. Choose a book that describes the picture in one sentence. Use voice fluctuation, drown yourself in the characters more you into it more they will.

These few tips will make a big difference in the classroom. Try it! and enjoy teaching French to your students.