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French Tutor On Line Near Me

How to find a great French tutor near you?

Finding a French tutor can be hard these days, especially a good one. So, I am going to give you a few tips, to find someone on line in your country or someone near you, who is willing to travel to your home to teach.

While looking on the internet, the first mistake that most people do is to click on the cheaper offer. A French tutor that charge $5 up to $35  is not going to be a knowledgeable teacher. The fee that a professional tutor will ask is between $65 at least to $100.

This fee doesn’t include for example, a driving fee if you’d like the tutor to teach in your home. The professor will have to charge an extra fee for driving because he/she will lose an hour on the road, not to forget wear and tear on the car and gasoline.

If you pay a decent fee, you can expect first that the person is a native French speaker, that will erase mistakes that an English speaker will make while teaching French. So, your first question should be are you a native speaker from France? If the tutor says that he/she is from Canada or Africa, do expect an accent.

Next, ask how long the teacher have been teaching French? In what age groups? Which level? French I-II-III-AP-SAT… Which schools program he/she is familiar with?

Don’t be shy about asking which certificate, diploma, educational background do they have. Once you’ll have all these answers you can make the right choice.

For example, my name is Marianne M. I am a Native speaker from France, I have a Bachelor in French, 12 ECE Unit, I passed the Cbest English and Math, I also passed the CSET:  California Single Subject Education Teacher French I-II-III I have been teaching for 25 years all levels and I have many references from different schools that I can forward to you. I charge $85 online and you will get a knowledgeable, dedicated teacher.