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Redirect Unwanted Children Behavior in a classroom

When you see a student misbehaving in your classroom, it’s important to redirect the behavior to a positive on. That way, other students can still understand the lesson or the given task.

There’s a few reasons why a student misbehave in your classroom. Sometimes it could be your fault. Ask yourself if you are showing an image of a person in charge. Are you ready? Did you plan your lesson ahead? Did you set up the tables in your class for the lesson that you planned? Are you organized and confident while teaching? is your classroom atmosphere relaxed, friendly yet challenging?

If yes, then observe your student. Is he/she tired or overworked? Reexplain the task to make sure he/she understood. Is it too boring for him/her? Or too difficult? Try pairing him with someone more engaging into the lesson, someone who can help him/her, if you feel that the task is too hard. If you feel that the task is too easy, use him/her as a helper who can distribute the worksheets or collect them. You can also have him/her do some different harder worksheets while other are doing their regular work.

You can also try to talk to the student in private to see if they have a problem that you can help with. Try calling the parents as well. The students may experienced a death within the family, a divorce or any stressful situations.

It is also important to set up rules with your students so they clearly understand what is expected in a classroom setting. Try keeping your rules to five maximum and have consequences if they don’t follow them. Have a chart against the wall so they can see them.

Reward good behavior, with extra credit, good grades, points, prizes. Be consistent ! Treat your student respectfully.