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As a French tutor, I am able to see which schools have a great French program and the ones that don’t.

I am not going to talk about the ones that have a poor program. But, I  will mention that if you think, as a parents that paying a high price for a private schools in my area will get you the best French program, I urge you to be careful while entertaining this thought. Again, some of these high profile private schools, do not pay the teachers for they valuable knowledge, experiences or time. When you visit the schools, don’t be reluctant to ask questions. Ask how much the teachers are paid? a teacher not paid well will provide a low performance. How many students are in the classrooms? is the teacher a native French speaker? do children test high on the placement test for College level? Once home, verify what the person told you by a quick visit on the internet.

This year 2022, I teach children from Marlborough High, Viewpoint High, Oaks Christian High, Chaminade High, Louisville High, Calabasas High, Oregon University, Chapman University, Denver University to name a few. Marlborough High in Los Angeles is a private school for girls and have amazing French Teachers, this is by far my favorite school. Students that come from that school and hire me to tutor them are wonderful. They engaged, dedicated, enthusiastic, eager to learn. In French II they already write and speak the language well.

I am very surprised when these students come to me because they already have a strong knowledge of the language. However, I realized that these teens are high achievers. That comes from a good parenting and outstanding teachers. I am able to review the lessons with them including the homework, as we go along they ask me questions so I am just here to reinforce what they’ve learned.